Saturday, June 22nd

Essential traditional revelations about the beneficial, deep and long-lasting spiritual transformation that occurs through proper, persistent and enthusiastic implementation of multi-millennial yoga practice

Nicolae Catrina

What are the fundamental “ingredients” of a highly effective yoga practice? How can we achieve true and lasting spiritual transformation through yoga practice?

At present, yoga practice is most often minimised, reduced to “psychosomatic gymnastics”, if not mere odinary gymnastics. But the systematic practice of yoga techniques for maintaining or regaining excellent body harmony and complete health is only one of the countless gifts of the multi-millennial yoga tradition. In reality, yoga is first and foremost a spiritual practice and also a profound philosophy of life, a practice designed to reveal the truth of our existence, to help us (and to always propel us) to identify, to become aware of, and then to fully detach ourselves from the illusions, projections, delusions and multi-faceted ignorance that characterise common human existence

But all this is not possible without a genuine spiritual transformation, without a clear and constant elevation of our level of consciousness. It can therefore be said that spiritual transformation is the essential criterion for the effectiveness of yoga practice. And a truly transformative yoga practice always involves integrating into it certain esoteric aspects, without which the practice in question is greatly diminished, or even completely loses its spiritual, transformative value, and is then reduced to a mere – though nevertheless beneficial in terms of health and bodily harmony – physical activity.

In this lecture we will seek to identify, based on tradition, the essential “ingredients” of an effective yoga practice – that is, a yoga practice that always includes deep and lasting spiritual transformation – and how to always integrate these true “ingredients of spiritual effectiveness”, both in our own spiritual practice and in our daily lives.

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June 19th, 20th and 21st

Some basic aspects of the esoteric yogic teaching available to sincere, enthusiastic and persevering aspirants within this school of integral esoteric yoga (archive lecture)

Gregorian Bivolaru

Within the yoga system, traditional esoteric teaching and appropriate practice form an ongoing continuum, intimately interrelated and both necessary to achieve remarkable spiritual results. Genuine yoga involves a total engagement in equal measure with body, soul, consciousness, vitality, the supramental and even our way of speaking. What does this entail from an esoteric perspective?

Grounded in thousands of years of profound spiritual experiences, the true philosophy of the yoga system – within which God has His central place – gives our lives a proper supporting structure. Careful study of the spiritual teachings, svadhyaya in Sanskrit, makes it possible to properly understand the context in which yoga techniques need to be integrated and deepened, and is always a journey of self-discovery.

A fundamental esoteric aspect is the aspiration to experience the state of transcendence, which reveals the godly reality that exists beyond the phenomenal world. This aspiration is innate and universal, and we find expressions of it in genuine art, genuine philosophy, genuine theology, science and technology that are in some way God-inspired. Such approaches characterise the search for and the expression of wholeness, of oceanic bliss and of the true higher understanding by human beings.

Ultimate Godly Truth in contrast to relative truths, supreme Godly freedom as opposed to superficial outer freedom, understanding of symbolic language, the role and importance of the dynamisation of the supramental sheath, vijnanamaya kosha in Sanskrit, as well as the unsuspected beneficial potential of a creative interaction between science and the yoga system are other important themes that are approached from an eminently esoteric perspective in this archival lecture by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru.

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June 22nd and 23rd

Maintaining the unaltered state of spirit that is typical of a beginner in yoga practice (archive lecture)

Gregorian Bivolaru

We all start yoga practice as beginners. Then the beginning naturally fades away, but keeping the inner self unaltered in a ceaseless beginning, in other words in the magic moment of the beginning, gives us a lot of advantages, a lot of benefits that are most often unsuspected and as such go unnoticed.

This lecture examines what might be called the anatomy of the state of mind that is characteristic of a beginner in yoga practice and in this way we can understand why it is so important to keep it unaltered and even to amplify it. Such a state of mind is a constant that makes possible spiritual progress, inner transformation at a sustained pace. Without it, it is not possible for a yogi to transform spiritually and make real progress.

All those who are in a state of spiritual saturation, of mechanisation, of routine, will need to put into practice this advice without delay in order to rejuvenate or awaken for the first time and to deepen the state of mind which is specific to a beginner in the practice of yoga.

If we truly aspire to taste and experience the unique flavour of the yoga system, which contains millions of nuances, we need to be prepared to make a sui generis journey into our inner universe with the attitude of an eternal beginner, an eternal debutant.

To the extent that we practice and explore yoga in this state, we will discover in this way, even through the simplest yoga exercises or methods, the indescribable joy, the ineffable euphoria of the communion that arises in the Microcosm of our being with the Macrocosm, with the mysterious reality of the presence of God.

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June 21th and 22nd

Nude Yoga or, in other words, yoga which is practiced while being nude (archive lecture)

Gregorian Bivolaru

This form of yoga is mostly related to Hatha Yoga, a fundamental yoga branch that aims to harmonize the minus and plus polarities and to awaken and harmoniously energize the glorious androgynous state.

The practice of nude yoga is nothing new, having been mentioned over 2000 years ago in the Bhagavata Purana. Even today in India the practice of certain spiritual techniques by aspirants who embrace initiatory nudity is commonplace, with ascetic initiatory groups manifesting publicly in spiritual processions.

We are aware, however, that this subject is still a sensitive one, due to the biased and malicious interpretations that can arise (although even Genesis mentions the state of paradisiacal nudity in which Adam and Eve found themselves in the Garden of Eden), so we make it clear that this lecture is not intended for prudish or bigoted human beings.

From an esoteric point of view, the techniques of the Hatha Yoga system involve the conscious triggering of certain occult resonance processes with immense, endless spheres of force in the Macrocosm. When the human being is naked, these resonance processes are triggered immediately, without any filters blocking the reception of the beneficial subtle energies that are attracted under certain conditions from the Macrocosm, and the efficiency of the yoga practices performed increases by up to 35-40%.

Yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru’s lecture reveals a lot of esoteric aspects and immediate benefits related to the practice of yoga postures being naked or nude.

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Sunday, June 23rd

The Mathematical Formula of Accelerated Spiritual Evolution through the Help Offered by God through Godly Attributes

Octav Fercheluc, Phd, Montevideo, Uruguay

Note: This lecture is aimed at those who have high level mathematical knowledge.

Motto: ”Pure mathematics is, in its purest form, the poetry of logical ideas.” (Albert Einstein)

This formula reflects a very important universal mechanism: it shows how initial duality, in its interaction with the energies of Godly Attributes, leads to the emergence of the dynamics of Creation. Out of this interaction, manifestation thus arises, the third appears, which on the one hand manifests towards creation and on the other is presented to the source, in other words to God.

An important revelation that this formula unveils is that the interaction of the Trinity with itself leads to the same result as Godly Manifestation, in other words to primordial Unity. The formula represents qualitative rather than quantitative aspects, and demonstrates the existence of an underlying structure beyond the subjectivity of the phenomenology it implies.

In conclusion, the formula shows that the leaps towards Unity do not occur in a linear manner, but appear only after certain accumulations of experience, which correspond to the series of Fibonacci terms, closely related to the Golden Number, which highlights the enigmatic intelligence of Godly Nature.

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Friday, June 21st

The Deconditioning of Consciousness – a Fundamental Goal of Spiritual Practices

Radu Nichitescu, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Upon closer inspection, we find that what unites many of the various spiritual practices of both yoga systems and other authentic spiritual traditions is that they aim, to a large extent, to decondition human consciousness.

In this sense, the yogic concepts of samskara and vasana reveal the capacity of consciousness to restrict and limit itself to certain patterns, determined by previous experiences, preferential attitudes, routines and repetitions. The role of spiritual practice, however, is exactly the opposite – to broaden the horizons of consciousness and ultimately free it from any binding tendencies.

Moreover, as great sages and spiritual masters say, consciousness can only be fully realised when it is ‘liberated’. Seen from this point of view – of a profound deconditioning of consciousness – many of the spiritual techniques reveal new aspects and a new way of approaching them.

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Saturday, June 22nd

The Path of Awakening the Soul from a Yoga and Astrological Perspective

Benedict Newton, Nottingham, UK

In this lecture, we aim to look at the progressive path of spiritual awakening as shown in spiritual traditions and teachings, and to show the parallels between the structuring of the human psyche, its journey to maturity and ultimately the call to spiritual awakening and supreme liberation.

We will also see the astrological symbolism of the Sun and Moon that reflects and symbolizes the dualities and pulls of opposing forces on the spiritual journey and the inherent tests and trials that are faced by those heeding the call to embark upon this heroic journey.

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Sunday, June 23rd

Fundamental Elements of Therapy through Yoga in Order to Have and to Maintain an Excellent State of Health, an Essential Condition for Achieving Full Success on the Spiritual Path

Savel Călinescu, Paris, France

Yoga is the science of life and the art of living healthily and happily. Yoga leads to balance and offers both a philosophy and a way of life. Illness is defined as an obvious disturbance of the state of health, of the normal activity of the body.

Yoga is a practice designed to help the human being achieve the state of spiritual perfection, but as a side-effect, it has multiple health benefits and can help to heal and manage certain disorders. Regular practice of breathing techniques, meditation and specific yogic body postures relaxes consciousness and the body, improves blood circulation, reduces blood pressure, stretches and tones muscles, improves lung capacity, helps oxygenate the blood more efficiently and regulate the nervous system, stimulates internal organs and improves digestion, reduces stress, improves overall health, helps strengthen the immune system, makes the body more resistant to disease.

Yoga can bring significant health benefits, it is however important that it is practised correctly and preferably under the supervision of a qualified instructor, especially for people with pre-existing medical conditions.

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Saturday, June 22nd

The Principle of Proximity 

Aldolinor Teodorescu, Bucharest, Romania

This lecture presents a way to find answers to questions that concern us, whatever their nature, but especially when we do not know how to move forward, when we feel stuck.

We will see how exactly to respond to the challenges that arise, how to put into action basic godly laws and energies in order to find the most appropriate answer and way of action, both from a detailed and a global and synthetic point of view.

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Saturday, June 22nd

Religiously Erotic

Foca Ofer Yariv, London, UK

Being religious isn’t dependent on a certain religion, it is a fundamental state of spirit in which one sees the plenitude of godliness in all and everything, it is a profound longing for the state of oneness, for being whole again.

Tantra Yoga teachings tell us that the erotic act is an invitation to that state of oneness, for it is within the union of the bodies that one can exalt the spirit to merge with the One. This art of lovemaking in a tantric manner is a revelation which makes the spirit rejoice and brings us closer to the One.

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Friday, June 21st

An Essential Spiritual Approach that Is Specific to the Tantra Yoga Tradition of the Erotic Amorous Experiences of a Loving and Unitary Couple

Aida Călin, Bucharest, Romania

Tantra Yoga is a complex discipline, a precise method and a profound analysis based both on reason and on intuition. It is a meta-science of the various aspects of Supreme Consciousness and an effective practice to attain it. Only the initiated know that in Tantra pure erotic energy makes up the foundation on which the being’s endeavour to reach the highest levels of human evolution and of knowing God takes shape and is then consolidated.

Understanding the tantric attitude to intimacy and erotic amorous life requires an open consciousness and a total transformation of ordinary perspective.
Many of us have been brought up and educated in a puritanical worldview that sees eros as a sin to be avoided or to be ashamed of, or which is repressed because of its impurity. This is why so many people see tantric love as a deviant assault on conventional morality.

Many people want to break free from limitations, from tormenting constraints and to find threads of light in the darkness of ignorance that is filled with prejudice and taboos. On the road to happiness, tantric secrets give us the courage to express our joy of living life to the fullest together with the being we love immensely, integrating erotic amorous delights into a continuous celebration of souls yearning for Infinity, for Godhood.

Erotic amorous intimacy in a loving and united couple can be the background against which we rediscover ourselves and look at spiritual life from a different, more complex perspective.

Yet to understand it, it is necessary to see the human dimension vibrating identically with the sacred, godly aspects of creation.

From this sacred perspective, the man and woman who integrate pure eros into their life thus reproduce – to smaller, human scale – the blissful interaction of a macrocosmic process that reintegrates the entire Universe in Absolute Reality. Everything returns to the Supreme Source, whether it’s souls who love each other, or the planets and constellations that are magnetically attracted towards each other.

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Thursday, June 20th

Improvement of Biological and Energetic Parameters through the Practical Techniques and Methods of the Esoteric Tantra Yoga System

Elena Angela Roșcan, Bucharest, Romania

This lecture presents the findings of a research project conducted in 2018 in collaboration with the Quantum Therapy Clinic’s research department. Within the project, the general objective proposed to be studied, analyzed, measured, evidenced both qualitatively and quantitatively, was to highlight with the help of receptivity, sensitivity applied to the system of subtle energy centers and subtle bodies of the human being, the knowledge, amplification and harmonization of energies in our being, with the help of a spiritual program designed and carried out in an experimental group of women and men, during 7 months of practice and study.

Through creative visualization methods and practical energetic techniques specific to the Esoteric Tantra Yoga system, we aimed to clarify and recontextualize these concepts that could expand consciousness to new dimensions and facilitate a more profound understanding of the energetic dimensions of the human being. We started from the premise that by amplifying vital energy and by bringing additional energy through transmutation and sublimation techniques performed daily over a period of 7 months through systematic group engagement in unison, together with the notions that bring knowledge of the principles of transformation from the tantric perspective and other techniques for the systematic development of certain energies, latent capacities, healthy behavioural patterns of our being, we can thus bring more energy into the transformation process, which will result in an acceleration of the evolutionary process of women and men.

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Friday, June 21st

The Concept of Prāyaścitta, Compensating the Karma of Suffering in Indian Civilisation, and Specific Methods Practiced in the South Indian Tradition of Shivaism

Răzvan Rotaru, Bucharest, Romania

Within Indian civilisation, prāyascitta is one of the most prominent and traditional means of undoing the effects of mistakes made in personal or even group actions. Initially, it was a means of compensation for omissions, errors made during the performing of ritual acts, but as a result of secularization, prāyascitta in time becomes the decisive instrument of independent expiation, which is ultimately exclusively assumed and fulfilled, for mistakes of an entirely different kind, namely those concerning the violation of Dharma ‘regulations’.

However, beyond the common understanding in the Dharmaśāstra texts, one quite easily finds the exact same term in the Saiva (shaivism) tradition, but with much more complex and spiritually more profound methodologies.

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Sunday, June 23rd

The Mantra of Inner Revolution

Uriel Yariv, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This captivating lecture, based on profound and revealing personal experience, will have three parts. The first part will briefly address the traditional aspects of the Laya Yoga system, where it is mentioned in sacred writings and what its links with Nada Yoga and Mantra Yoga are.

The second part will deal with Uriel’s personal experience of daily deep yogic meditation and long retreats where he practised Laya Yoga with certain mantras. It will describe both the profound inner states during meditation and the exceptional transformation that appeared in his being as a result of spiritual practice.

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Friday, June 21st

Hatha Yoga Practice for Emotional Balance while Being Seated on a Chair

Ofelia Mohr, Des Moines, USA

The lecture describes the yoga course ”Hatha Yoga Practice for Emotional Balance while Being Seated on a Chair”, which is designed for older people, who have limited physical abilities, in order to help create and improve their psycho-emotional balance and cognitive abilities.

Practical elements will be presented, as well as an illustrative video, accompanied by testimonies from several older people about the delightful transformations that have appeared in their lives as a result of practising the methods learned in this course. The conclusion is clear: anyone can practice yoga!

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Thursday, June 20th

Beneficial Effects of the Practice of Bodily Postures (Asana) on Improving Health

Monica Pașcalău, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The presentation contains personal observations regarding the effects that have been felt as a result of the constant and persevering practice of bodily postures (asanas): increased general immunity, increased bodily flexibility, the harmonizing of the abdominal area and the improvement of digestive capacity, bodily regeneration, the triggering of processes of inner alchemy, having the effect of improving the quality of life in general – both at the level of the body, through a very good state of health, as well as at psycho-emotional and cognitive level, through a constant state of inner well-being, of enthusiasm, through the gradual attainment of a dignified, tonic, confident spiritual attitude that is full of elevated affectivity.

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Sunday, June 23rd

Tachyon Energy in Spiritual Practice, Procedures of Communion with Godly Attributes

Liviu Alexandriu, Bucharest, Romania

The lecture will present elements related to tachyon energy, field lines in the human aura and toroidal fields.

Certain methods of entering into communion with the subtle, sublime, endless, free energy of Godly Attributes using tachyon energy as a medium will be offered, and we will present some of the Godly Attributes with which tachyon energy connects us.

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Saturday, June 22nd

How Can Yoga Improve the Depth and Quality of Our Couple Relationship?

Kalas Ananda, Lisbon, Portugal

The degree of intimacy and depth that we can reach within a couple relationship that is based on reciprocal love is intensely connected to how profoundly we dare to open our heart and to courageously dive into the depths of your soul, embracing a deeper understanding of ourselves, a bigger awareness of how we behave in a relationship, and of what we need to improve in order to become the best lovers we are meant to be.

In this presentation, you will be offered 7 major keys of what you can do, through your personal practice of Integral Esoteric Yoga, to create the favorable conditions for your relationship to reach a higher level of fulfillment, happiness, and intimacy, becoming a truly genuine spiritual tool.

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  Friday, June 21st

The Informational Structure of the Functioning of the Human Organism

Cristina Beșliu, Roman, Romania

The content of the conference aims to explain how the fundamental triad of the Universe represented by “MATTER – ENERGY – INFORMATION” is reflected in the functioning of the human organism and it seeks to answer the controversies related to the treatment of diseases using synthetic medicinal drugs vs. natural healing. The author aims to help us understand the principles of the biological processes on which the physiology of the human body is based, especially at informational level.

Taking into account the passive attitude that treatment with synthetic drugs implies, as well as notions of informational pharmacology, we are urged to consciously choose our active contribution to holistic self-healing processes. These actually represent the harmonization of our being on all levels, through the observance of godly laws and the resonance with Godly Attributes, the reintegration of the microcosm of the human being into Macrocosmic harmony. The presentation also includes the story, the personal experience of the author related to the revelation of these aspects.

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Saturday, June 22nd

The Secret Joy of Tantric Art: Alchemical Living in the Spirit of Truth and the Absolute

Laetitia Fontana, Bucharest, Romania

Tantra Yoga is not only the science of life, but also the art of ecstatic living. This ancient system gives us the key to universal knowledge. And as we open ourselves more and more and assimilate these fundamental mysteries, they help us to make ever higher choices in all areas of life. These are the choices that lead us to happiness. From career to romantic life, from hobbies to spiritual aspirations and practice, Tantra Yoga teaches us to dance to the Macrocosmic rhythm.

In the tantric perspective, art is not just something aesthetic or exciting. Art is the language of Truth. A language that, once assimilated, leaves the pages of the poet, the canvas of the painter, the stage of the actor, or whatever space we perform in, and floods our very lives with beauty and profound meaning. Once bathed in splendour, we discover that we live Truth, we breathe Truth, we are Truth. We are His embodiment. In every little thing we do, and in every big decision we make, we are ever more beatifically connected and aligned with the whole Universe. In such a sublime life, we are never alone, despairing or lost. But we are always free, brilliant creators of our own destiny, often ourselves surprised by the brilliant inspiration that guides us step by step.

This is a technical and practical guide to the poetic flavor of life, to the overwhelming beauty of the so-called everyday; a rendez-vous of everyday life, art and spirituality at the heart of Truth. It is about how to succeed in happiness with mathematical precision, making our lives become an alchemical masterpiece.

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Wednesday, June 19th

Essential Stages in the Process of Spiritual Transformation

Cristian Bandur, Bucharest, Romania

Having spiritual aspirations is a fundamental trait of our soul. Each of us almost always aspires to be freer, happier, wiser, more fulfilled, healthier.

The fundamental esoteric key to living up to these aspirations is to bring our inner universe in line with the frequency of vibration that corresponds to these aspirations. This requires extensive processes of genuine spiritual transformation.

Ancient Oriental wisdom provides a sui-generis map of the stages of spiritual transformation that gradually lead us from ignorance to spiritual mastery. Knowing these stages helps us make the process of transformation much more effective, because they reveal, in a simple but very profound and essential manner, the path that those who have attained ultimate realization have covered. The stages involve certain tests of spiritual maturity, since each stage represents the ascent to a higher frequency of vibration that expands our spiritual horizon more and more.

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Friday, June 21st

Exploration of the Necessary Stages in Yoga Practice that Aim at the Attainment of Feminine Erotic Completeness through Erotic Amorous Continence

Elisabeta Teodora Bugu, Bucharest, Romania

The speaker will detail in this lecture the first intelligent correlations of how she has been able to help her body in the spiritualising process of learning full feminine continence.

She will share with us both the synergy of factors that have led to significant progress on this path, but also the wonderful effects of having suspended her menstruation, which in her case occured 12 years ago, as well as the most effective ways that have helped her achieve this result.

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Thursday, June 20th

Erotic Amorous Continence in Simple yet Significant Analogies that Unravel Some of Its Mysteries

Corina Buhagiar, Bucharest, Romania

The erotic revolution has begun. Even if it hasn’t been talked about on prime time TV. Even if newspapers haven’t announced it on their front pages in big, bold letters. Even if the vast majority of people are still utterly ignorant of this extraordinary, deeply fulfilling and sublimely uplifting alternative to their intimate amorous lives. There are, however, thousands or tens of thousands of people who have already embraced this elevating and uplifting way of lovemaking, known in small, occult circles since ancient times. They are already enjoying its astonishing benefits to the fullest.

In this conference, we aim to present some of the fundamental secrets of erotic amorous continence. Through simple but meaningful analogies, this priceless treasure that the Yogic and Tantric tradition has offered to the world can be made accessible to all those interested in understanding, both rationally and especially intuitively, what it involves and what mechanisms make it possible.

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Saturday, June 22nd

Esoteric Considerations on the Principles of Yama and Niyama

Vasile Calixte Ion, Bucharest, Romania

The conference approaches a topic that is well-known to yoga practitioners, often treated with less attention than it deserves. One could say that it is a kind of Cinderella of the “8-step Path” as described by the sage Patanjali in his well-known treatise, “Yoga Sutra”.

A careful approach to the field is likely to offer surprising insights and practical tools of great value and importance to sincere and persevering seekers in the field of yoga practice.

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Thursday, June 20th

The Immense Help that Knowledge of the Fundamental Elements of the Kalachakra Tradition, as well as of the Yoga Tradition, Offers in Deciphering the Esoteric Revelations Contained in the Parables of Jesus Christ

Vasile Calixte Ion, Bucharest, Romania

The use of a symbolic, intentionally cryptic and most often pluralistic language makes it possible for the parables of Jesus Christ to contain an interweaving that is full of wisdom, meanings, and significance that simultaneously appeal to almost all types of readers, from the completely ignorant, who are captivated by the beauty of the narrative thread of the parable, to the most refined scholars capable of savouring the richness and refinement of the meanings and symbols contained in these revelations that are full of Godly Wisdom.

Approached from an esoteric perspective, the revelations contained in the parables of Jesus Christ offer both profound knowledge and exceptional tools that can make possible the alchemy that enables the passage from letter to spirit, liberating sincere seekers from the constriction of narrow prejudices and dogmas.

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Wednesday, June 19th

The Romantic Ideals from the Tantric Perspective and How They Can Support Us in Reaching the State of Godly Unity that Is Full of Wisdom

Silvia Ciobanu, Copenhagen, Denmark

Why is it that our romantic relationships don’t really match what we see in movies? What is the true meaning of life adventures and of being in touch with our ‘wild’ side, both of which are so much promoted nowadays as ideals of freedom? Can we feel the magic of romance outside the frame of a relationship with a human being?

Tantra Yoga offers both in depth answers to these questions and brilliant solutions to the most intricate challenges of relationship dynamics, Tantra Yoga being a path that integrates all aspects of life in the ascension towards a genuine state of Godly Freedom.

This presentation aims to shed more light on how sublime romantic ideals can contribute to achieving high spiritual goals, when we profoundly understand and apply certain tantric principles. When we put all these ideals in a superior perspective, we discover a path of love which is filled with wonders and godly magic. More than that, we realize that God is actually extremely romantic.

By making the difference between authentic tantric romantic ideals and the clichés that are encouraged in mass-media, we have a chance to break the chain of illusory projections that often sabotage our relationships. Beauty, simplicity and naturalness are some of the key elements that empower us in this process of shedding the weight of past insecurities and embracing the new horizons of the godly adventures of love.

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Sunday, June 23rd

Sublimation – the Accessible and Miraculous Key of Transformation

Zoe Dafinescu, Bucharest, Romania

The conference at hand is a concise study of the concept of sublimation from multiple perspectives. Various practical ways and means by which sublimation can be achieved are discussed.

At the same time, various beneficial, transforming and creative effects that occur both in the inner universe of the practitioner and in his or her whole life are described.

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Saturday, June 22nd

The Art of Conscious Sleep

Cristian Dobre, Bucharest, Romania

The presentation will list the main underlying causes of distorted sleep quality and simple ways to eliminate them. The phases of sleep will be described and a practical way in which we can know our own sleep cycles exactly. Knowing them accurately will allow us to improve the quality of our sleep and thus be able to go to bed later and wake up earlier without disrupting the circadian rhythm.

We will learn how to consciously and at will re-establish the phases of a sleep cycle and thus have a restful (short) sleep with maximum energy intake. The practice of conscious relaxation (conscious energy recovery) will help us both to improve our sleep during the night (what we call monophasic sleep) and when we move on to experience, according to our daily schedule, biphasic sleep and the various polyphasic sleep schemes (formulas) that pave the way to conscious sleep.

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Thursday, June 20th

How Do You Want to Touch Me? The 4 Archetypes of Giving

Adriana Luptakova, Copenhagen, Denmark

The large majority of human beings carry in their heart the wish to offer something meaningful to the others. When this happens, we are enveloped in a state of profound fulfillment and gratitude. Yet there are times when we are unable to offer or to receive from the fullness of our heart. This lecture aims to shed light into areas where this sliding into `less than wonderful` offering occurs.

We will examine Betty Martin’s ”The Wheel of Consent®”, which opens an insight into 4 archetypes of giving and their shadows. We discover that we might have some preferences, that there are certain fundamental dynamics that govern the switching between the archetypes and moving from the shadow to a healthy range of offering, so that we may in the end become geniuses of offering. Although we often start to explore the dynamics of offering in the context of conscious touch in the small unit of the couple, through it we discover underlying limitations, misunderstandings, worries …

We have a chance to correct them and then we notice extraordinary transformation in all our interactions, as well as the gradual implementing of harmonious giving-receiving at the level of the entire community. In this respect, for instance, the economic system that is based on exploitation will become obsolete. We will truly become aware of the fact that there is no justified reason to act without consent. Key words: The Law of Occult Offering, conscious touch, the difference between sex and pure eros, the principle of polarity, the Wheel of Consent.

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Friday, June 21st

Review of Massimo Introvigne’s Book “Sacred Eroticism: Tantra and Eros in the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA)”

Camelia Marin, Brussels, Belgium

Spirituality cannot be regarded as a separate practice, but rather is integrated into all personal and group activities, it is a valuable, essential and inherent part of human life.

Over time, many studies and research have been carried out on the MISA Yoga School. Sociologists, psychologists, religion teachers, specialists in the field of political science and human rights, of which we mention only a few university professors – Susan Palmer, Liselotte Frisk, Gordon Melton, PierLuigi Zocatelli, Raffaella Di Mazio, Gabriel Andreescu, Willy Fautre – have published and debated about the teachings of the MISA Esoteric School of Yoga, about the legal context that has been accompanying this school and about its integration into society.

In addition to these studies, in March 2022, the professor of sociology of religions Massimo Introvigne published his book entitled “Sacred Eroticism: Tantra and Eros in the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA)” at the Italian academic publishing house Mimesis.

The presentation will highlight some perspectives offered by Professor Massimo Introvigne in his book, such as:

– Occultism, the combination of esotericism with true eroticism (that is separate from sexuality);
– Culture, history and practices promoted within the Movement for Spiritual Integration in the Absolute;
– The possible tensions arising from the combination of eroticism with spirituality;
– Legal controversies, taboos, potential projections, rumours and slanders that often appear in the few human beings that do not understand properly this concept.

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Friday, June 21st

Glands and Subtle Force Centres

Ion Marin, Focșani, Romania

The presentation will cover the following topics:

– Piezoelectric microcrystals in the pineal gland and their connection to the occult aspects of magnetism: the dielectric, inertial field and the akasha-ic centre of magnetism;
– The precise location of the pineal gland – the akasha-ic centre of the brain – Presentation based on certain audio-video recordings made in academic style by surgeons with extensive experience in brain neurosurgery;
– The striking similarity between the structure of the brain and the structure of the magnetic field. The mysterious notion of Counterspace (AntiSpace, Reverse Space), seen as an analogous expression of the occult spiritual dimensions of God’s Creation;
– The notion of field as seen by unconventional physics;
– The links that exist between the concepts of vibhu and matra – the two distinct aspects of reality that appear in Indian thought – and the unconventional view of magnetic fields;
– The mysterious IAAD – Instantaneous Action at a Distance;
– The reflection of Godly Attributes as they appear in the manifestations of magnetic fields. The connection between the pineal gland, sahasrara padma and spiritual experiences revealing the manifestation of the same Godly Attributes in the human being through the awakening of sahasrara padma;
– The essential spiritual function of the pineal gland – the akasha-ic point of direct connection with the occult spiritual dimension of Godly Creation. The reflection of sahasrara padma in the six main polar chakras of the human being.

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Thursday, June 20th

Put God First in Your Life

Ionel Neagu, Constanța, Romania

In this presentation we will refer to Love as it has been presented by our Supreme Godly Model, Jesus Christ, in ”The Great Gospel of John” by Jakob Lorber, and to three perspectives which enable us to put God first in our lives, analogically called macro, mini and micro. What does it really mean to put God first in our lives, from a practical-operational point of view?

We will list and develop certain cardinal, essential, fundamental spiritual procedures and methods through which we can enter into profound states of communion with God, putting Him first in our lives.

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Thursday, June 20th

Loss and Grief as Opportunities for Triggering Peak Spiritual States. An Approach Combining Psycho-Emotional Therapy and Spirituality

Ana-Maria Pănescu, Bucharest, Romania

The purpose of this lecture is to highlight the beneficial aspect of situations of loss and grief that carry within them the seeds of a profound metamorphosis, with the potential to catapult the human being to a higher level of consciousness, offering a spiritual, elevated, greatly expanded perspective.

Every human being can pass through difficult times, experiencing loss on various levels, from important relationships, connection, security, social or material stability, to the loss of physical and mental well-being or loved ones. When these losses are beyond their capacity to cope, they can cause real psychological crises, especially in those who are not aware of their own psychological manifestations.

Those who tend to become overly preoccupied with their own suffering caused by loss, with problems that seem to go on and on and are energy and time consuming, fail to access the mechanism of profound inner transformation.

Prayer, aspiration towards the Absolute, together with other initiatory ways of accessing higher states of consciousness alchemise the suffering caused by loss and transform one’s vision upon reality.

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Thursday, June 20th

Yoga Practice Can Bring a Number of Wonderful Synchronicities into Our Daily Lives

Angela Petrescu, Bucharest, Romania

By practising yoga persistently, enthusiastically and with the consecration of the fruits of this practice to God, we accelerate our transformation, raise our spiritual level and attract a series of synchronicities into our lives.

The most common significant synchronicities are those events that are only seemingly random, but which eventually prove to have a certain finality as they speak directly to us through the meanings they carry for us personally.

The higher our spiritual level, the better our attention, lucidity, awareness, and we notice that our life is full of wonderful synchronicities and of Godly `signs`.

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Sunday, June 23rd

Legendary Esoteric Tantric Initiations – Spiritual Springboards towards the Very Accelerated Deepening of Erotic Love which Leads Us to the Communion with God

Simona Popescu, Bucharest, Romania

Tantric esoteric initiations offered by a man or a woman as a genuine Tantric spiritual guide have since ancient times been some of the most exciting, mysterious and at the same time profoundly transformative experiences a human being can have access to in a lifetime.

When one ventures forth full of courage, aspiration and lively curiosity to explore the mysteries of erotic love, in an amazing way, almost every aspect of their existence begins to take on life, colour and meaning, reintegrating into a higher order.

Initiation into the mysteries of Tantric erotic love is the action of a Tantric spiritual guide to offer în a direct manner the knowledge of certain mysteries and amorous practices, an action which entails a raising of the vibrational frequency of the initiated one to a higher level. The initiation is a point of major transformation, a rebirth into truth, in which a new personality blossoms and sometimes shines very visibly.

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Wednesday, June 19th

The Beneficial Transformations and Profoundly Spiritual Benefits of the Long-Lasting, Persevering Practice of the Uddiyana Bandha Technique

Ioan Roca, Roman, Romania

Motto: ‘The flavour and delights of a spiritual technique or method are fully revealed only to those rare human beings who choose to practise it being full of perseverance, enthusiasm and a continuous aspiration to succeed in their own deification’.

The difference between a beginner yogi and an advanced yogi is the ounce of proper spiritual practice, which is worth tons of theory. Just as fruit obtains its most savoury quality only through a sufficient ripening process, so the delights of a spiritual method or technique can be enjoyed only through a persevering practice, which takes place over a sufficiently long period of time, and which includes in it varying degrees of intensity and depth.

When we choose and decide to put a technique or method into practice, it is the distinctive mark and the way by which we can objectify, in a real not imaginary way, a very good start of the process of our fruitful and effective spiritual maturity, which will be full of wonderful, godly gifts. And for this, both the choosing and the proper putting into practice of a yoga technique until the desired results are obtained and the permanence and deepening of those results are of real use.

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Friday, June 21st

The Heart of Peace-Building

Iris Smeets, Aarhus, Denmark

There are two opposing approaches to achieving peace. One is called retributive justice and the other restorative justice. While retributive justice is commonly practised in the West, restorative approaches offer a more comprehensive and soulful response to conflict management.

One explanation for this would be their spiritual dimension: their relationship with the spiritual heart. In this presentation, Iris will share with us her journey in search of peace, which first took place outwardly, to eventually find it within her being, through the awakening of the heart. She will share with us the discoveries she has made about the restorative effects of conscious touch in healing wounds, overcoming inner and outer conflicts and revealing the deepest states of inner peace.

She will talk about the connection she has discovered between the ancient yogic knowledge of the Spiritual Heart and the modern-day restorative approaches to achieving peace (e.g. the Truth Commission in South Africa) that she has experienced in her practice.

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Sunday, June 23rd

Faith, detachment and gratitude: the three subtle sublime energies that bring us closer to God and amplify our state of happiness

Bhogananda, Lisbon, Portugal

The path towards God is complex and full of possibilities. We have at our disposal several energies we can chose to amplify in our being and inner universe that will awaken our soul and open our hearts to the Absolute.

In the present lecture we will explore three energies that bring us closer to God, and help deepening the relationship with Him and that consequently amplify our state of happiness: the energies of faith, detachment and gratitude.

These three energies are Godly Attributes, which are subtle, sublime, endless and free energies, with a specific vibration frequency, accessible to each one of us.

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