Monica Pașcalău, MD

Monica had her first contact with the world of spirituality during high school, when she discovered a yoga book in a classmate’s library. It was an extraordinarily fascinating world for her, which she had only glimpsed at the time. She found the idea of always being harmonious and balanced, with a perfectly peaceful mind, just being in a certain body posture (asana), or breathing in a controlled way (pranayama) extremely exciting.

During her studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Cluj, she discovered the courses of traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda organized by AMN Romania, and after only a few months she started to practice yoga intensively at the courses organized by MISA Romania. Later she also started studying Kashmirian Shaivism, and 10 years ago she completed the Tantra Teacher training modules organized by the Atman Federation.

Monica is a specialist in family medicine, with skills in apiphytotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, corporate medicine; she is a yoga, Tantra Yoga and Shivaism instructor and is also an Ayurveda lecturer.