Being a congress on yoga and integrative therapies and presenting such a broad topic – holistic personal and spiritual development and health – on an evidence based orientated manner, this event is useful for all yoga teachers, for anyone who approaches studies in the field of yoga, as well as for experienced yoga practitioners or people who simply want to hear what science has to offer on the vast field of yoga.

As a unique border-line place, the Congress welcomes researchers from the academic world to meet with scientists from all over the world, specialized in neuroscience, physics, psychology, medicine and social studies, to name just a few, and with specialists and teachers from the large variety of yoga traditions. Yet, the special element offered in this year’s Congress is to address the question on how Yoga works and to take a first attempt to answer this question from the perspective of the universal principle of resonance. 

Last but not least, much of the audience of the Congress has a vast spiritual knowledge of both theory and practice in yoga. Many of the participants practice complex Hatha Yoga techniques and deep meditation on a daily basis. Therefore the International Yoga Congress is truly a gathering of experts in the field of yoga – both on stage and in the audience. 

It is a great opportunity to meet friends, partners and simply people with similar passions and abilities, to build support networks, to be inspired, to launch common projects for promoting genuine spirituality in the world, especially as the current state of affairs on our planet is desperately in need of awakening and transformation, thus supported and joint action is indispensable to this end. In this respect, the Congress welcomes not only advanced practitioners but also avid and aspiring ones, so that in togetherness practice brings multiplied results.

Both organizers as well as many participants in the Congress have been yogis and spiritual seekers for the most part of their lives. Together, they build a tangible spiritual atmosphere allowing easier access to higher spiritual states, heart-fulness and centering into their beings through the power of group resonance. Along with challenging one’s own understanding with new research results and innovative ways of thinking and understanding human experience and spirituality, being at the congress feels like being home. The spirit of voluntary work and service (or the state of Karma Yoga) and learning and practicing together creates a warm and heartfull atmosphere and awakens the spirit of Bhakti Yoga (Devotional Yoga) in everyone’s heart.

Primary audiences include:

  • Specialists in medicine, natural and human sciences, who are concerned with the broad topic of yoga
  • yoga therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, people who apply yoga techniques in their clinical work
  • Yoga teachers
  • Long term practitioners