Maria Porsfelt

Maria started her journey of self-discovery through yoga and tantra yoga in 2001 – a journey that started in Denmark and took her to Thailand, India and back. She has been with TARA Centre in London as coordinating teacher since 2009. She teaches yoga, tantra yoga and meditation and facilitates special classes for women only. She runs spiritual festivals, retreats and workshops on various topics all over the world. Her style of teaching is practical and approachable, expresses a deep understanding, gained through personal experience and is animated by a great joy of life.

Maria has a degree in Philosophy from Copenhagen University and is happy to be able to integrate her educational background into her daily life and teaching practise. The degree in philosophy helped foster a contemplative approach to life and experiences which has proved very valuable in both life and work.

Maria is also a member of the Council of the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation Atman.