Mihai Stoian (Advaitananda)

Advaitananda Stoian is an advanced practitioner, teacher, author, researcher, international life coach and lecturer, who has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Tantra Yoga for more than 30 years within several yoga organisations. His practical knowledge unites with his modern scientific formation, which results in highly effective guidance for the practitioner, and is well adapted to the views of our contemporary world.

He is author of Tantra Intensive Course which is taught throughout the world. Annually he lectures at many international retreats and conferences of Yoga, Tantra and Meditation, including the International Meditation Retreat for Revealing the Supreme Self, Tantra Festivals, different workshops for spiritualising relationships, and the valued Maha Vidya Retreats.

He is also a prolific proponent of current sociological issues, speaking at international politic conferences to introduce fundamental concepts that can be used to shape a broader understanding of human rights: spiritual human rights, soul ecology, and hygiene of the consciousness. One of Advaita’s main purposes is to provide the opportunity for many people to come into contact and deeply understand the amazing value of the traditional spiritual practices.

More information on https://advaitananda.com/.