Teofil Teodorescu

Teofil Teodorescu has a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and psychology. After years of teaching mathematics and computer science at high school and university level, he started translating books in the field of spirituality. He has translated, among others, Michel Gauqelin’s “Cosmic influences on human behaviour” and Jérôme Bourgine’s “From the mysteries of out-of-body travel”, as well as the ancient music treatise “Gitalamkara”. He has also published “Tales of Wisdom” and “The Enneagram – a journey of self-discovery”.

At Shambala Publishing House, where he is currently working as an editor, he contributed to the work “The Golden Number. The Mysteries Revealed of the Mysterious Number of the Great Cosmic Power Tripura Sundar” and, year after year, he has been involved in the preparation and editing of the Holiday Booklets and Programmes that are offered during the Spiritual Camps held under the auspices of MISA.

He is interested – within the framework of interdisciplinary research involving ethnography, archaeology, history, linguistics, religion and anthropology – in the ancient civilisation and spirituality of the Carpathian Space, and he even presented a conference on this topic at the Spiritual Camp in Costinești. At this Congress he will present some lesser-known information on the ancient, pre-Christian religion of the Carpathian Space and especially its surprising correspondence with the spirituality of India.