Petru Roșu

Petru is a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Iasi. He has been attracted to yoga practice since high school – he has been practicing yoga since 1980, became a yoga teacher in 1990, organized international yoga camps, holds workshops and retreats on various yoga topics.

He is passionate about the discoveries of frontier sciences that are in unison with yoga: quantum physics, neuroscience, epigenetics. He believes that spirituality together with science can help people of the 21st century discover God within themselves.

From personal experience and practice he has found that the most effective way to be in unison with God is to stop the uncontrolled flows of thought that are part of the subtle mental sheath (manomaya kosha).

He has taken courses in personal development counselling and Bowen therapy. He helps those with health problems heal with this natural, non-invasive therapy.

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