Laetitia Fontana

For Laetitia, the spiritual journey has begun in the same moment her life has. She was fortunate enough to be born not only in a country with deep spiritual roots, but also into a family that was active in spiritual search and practice. She grew up in a general atmosphere of aspiration towards transformation and towards becoming better, being in touch with the deeper meaning of everything in life, being always thirsty for Truth, being creative in being happy and in making others happy.

Her thirst for Truth and its overwhelming beauty was instilled in her heart in many ways. One of the most important was accessing the power of synthesis, of a perspective that is capable of penetrating to the essence, in whatever form it may be expressed. She was raised in a Christian family. She began practising yoga at age 6, and continues to this day.

She also began the study and practice of Tantra Yoga in her teenage years, which is still a great alchemical adventure of her soul. She was educated in various forms of art, languages and sports as a child and teenager, then moved on to study psychology.

Each of these – to a greater or smaller extent – is still part of her heart and daily life. All this has enriched her with a certain knowledge, experience, vision, but most of all with the ability to feel profound meaning, to manifest beauty and to live in the spirit of Truth through almost everything she does. Thus, she has found her destiny in sharing this treasure with all who seek it.