Daniela Dae (Ishvarananda )

Daniela Dae (Ishvarananda) has been teaching spirituality since 1990.

She is using her knowledge on Yoga and Tantra to help the students find their own path towards a harmonious and spiritual life.  As a teacher, she is warm-hearted, spontaneous, and full of humor.

She is leading Yoga and Tantra courses, seminars and retreats that aim to help people to understand themselves better, to understand life as a series of lessons meant to support them to advance in their spiritual growth. Through practice, they can fully awaken their unique qualities, and be more confident, happy, and fulfilled. 

Ishvarananda is passionate about supporting those who create spiritual communities. She also uses her experience to help establish new teachers in the field of spirituality. Her luminous presence, her patient and compassionate attitude are rooted in a profound knowledge of the mysteries of life, along with strong faith and love for all beings.

She is currently active as a teacher coordinator in Natha Jooga ja Tantrakoulu Finland.