Ileana Ștefănescu

Ileana Stefanescu is a teacher of spirituality with a broad international experience and education. Born in Romania, she discovered spirituality at an early age, under the guidance of a legendary yoga master. Ever since, spiritual practice has been an active part of her life, and it defined and improved her life in countless ways.

Born in a family of scientists, she holds a MS Degree in Electronic Engineering, and has worked in International Relations for the Romanian Parliament, and then in IT for a large international company. In parallel to her engineering career, she became a teacher in the spiritual school started by her master.

Encouraged by her teacher, Ileana moved to the United States in 2006, to bring there his system of teaching spirituality, based on Esoteric Yoga and Tantra. In the US, she worked as Director of Education for a Health Promotion company, while also setting the basis for this unique spiritual school in the USA. She created a vibrant community of spiritually oriented people in Las Vegas, and at present she also guides and helps establish other teachers in the USA.

Ileana has taught spirituality for over 30 years. The system she teaches is integrative, bringing together science and spirituality, and it is based on the esoteric science of yoga, and the principles of resonance and of the energetic interconnectivity of all forms of life.

Her classes addresses all those who feel the need for more knowledge, for understanding their life’s meaning, for answering the most important questions: What am I? Where am I coming from? What is this universe surrounding me? What happens to me after death? What is my place in this world? What am I meant to do here?

Ileana guides her students  step by step towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Through practice, they become able to shift their perspective on life, Universe, on who they really are and what is their highest purpose. More than just a collection of techniques, the course she teaches provides a way of living, a new perspective in understanding yourself and everything else.