Dan Crăciun

Dan Crăciun, a physicist by profession, has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching yoga for over 25.

He has published the book ”Frontiers of Physics” for the general public and the ”Frontiers of Physics textbook” for high school students studying this optional course. Both works specifically aim to provide both students, and other relentless seekers of Truth with an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge. The Sphere of Knowledge model developed in these works is original and integrative, bringing a unified perspective to knowledge from very diverse fields.

Since 2011 he is also an editor of the science journal Cromatic, where he reviews the section “Frontiers of Science” and publishes various original articles on epistemology and physics teaching methodology. Since 2021 he has been the coordinator of Cromatic, which publishes novel articles written by students, master students, high school teachers and academics.

In 2022 he also publishes the book “The law of the 7 steps of a process” in which he explains in detail both this law, and particular cases of its application.

His entire work is marked by the effort to unite science with spirituality.