Cristina Beşliu

Cristina Beșliu has a thorough training in the pharmaceutical field, having graduated from the Iasi Health High School, the Post-secondary Health School (the Laboratory section), the Faculty of Pharmacy UMF Iasi, as well as from numerous training courses in this field.

She has 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical field and 10 years in teaching. She teaches specialized modules in post-secondary education, such as Pharmaceutical Botany, General Pharmacognosy, Special Pharmacognosy, Phytotherapy, Apitherapy, General Pharmacology, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacotoxicology, and participates as a guest on local TV shows in Iasi.

She has completed and enriched her knowledge in the pharmaceutical field by attending Ayurveda courses organized by the National Association for the Promotion of Non-Conventional Medicines (AMN). She will present a lecture on The Informational Structure of the Functioning of the Human Organism