Aida Călin

Aida Călin is a psychotherapist, trainer, transformational coach, author, Yoga and Tantra Yoga teacher. Since 2004, she has been founder and director of Venus – The Association for the Elevation of Women.

As a psychotherapist, she has studied women’s issues and all related fields (personal development, emotional and spiritual intelligence, relationships).

She holds conferences and courses for women and couples. She has developed several programs aimed at rediscovering balance and happiness, integrating intimacy into personal harmony and accessing and awakening sensuality. She is an experienced facilitator and coordinates spiritual camps, retreats and workshops around the world, on various spiritual topics.

She is the author of two well-received books: ‘Reincarnation – a Mystery Revealed’ (2000) and ‘Yoga for Women Who Want To Be Healthy, Harmonious, Intelligent and Happy’ (2014).

Aida’s passion is to help people discover the light within, understand their challenges, improve their performance in all areas of life and regain their happiness and fulfillment. She believes in the inner strength that sustains us to transform spiritually and reach the full potential of our being. She believes that love and compassion can transform us and make our world a much better place.

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