Adriana Luptakova

Adriana Luptakova has been a dedicated Tantra Yoga practitioner since 2010. She began teaching Tantra Yoga and facilitating workshops in 2016.

She is a massage therapist since 2011. Her professional development ranges from ITEC level 4 Sports Massage training – that is based on a meticulous training in anatomy and physiology, supported by rigorous case studies of clients with sports injuries, massaging marathon runners etc – to heart-based integral understanding as tantric masseuse in the Tantra Temple in Denmark. The latter provided the much wished-for symbiosis of high quality massage with the awareness of the human being’s integrality.

She has offered consultancy and has successfully answered in the face of a large range of challenges in her case studies, such as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, adult virgin difficulties, emotional distress following the end of a relationship, andropause, widowhood… She is passionate about sharing experience and fostering self-discovery processes.