Congress Objectives

The International Congress for Yoga, Integrative Medicine and Therapies aims to provide an international platform meant to reveal the depth of the yoga system and its significance for the holistic development of man and his consciousness. Specialists in medicine, natural and human sciences, who are concerned with the broad topic of yoga, meet with international yoga teachers, long-term yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers, to exchange views, to share their experience and especially to highlight the amazing interconnections.

The International Yoga Congress is an event that unifies scientific research, mystical knowledge, profound experience coming from authentic practice and the magic atmosphere of refined arts. Bringing together speakers and participating audience, a fertile, creative environment is created, where they have the chance to share the latest results of research but also to explore various spiritual forces and phenomena, thus gaining a deeper insight into the field of spiritual evolution and adding new names to the list of visionary geniuses of all times. New and interesting view points and effervescent, sometimes challenging discussions on how and to which extend the yoga system operates will occur. All these will help to reinforce the core principles of Yoga today, and why not, to encourage a genuine practice of Yoga.

In this direction the VI. International Congress for Yoga, Integrative Medicine and Therapies 2018 organizes itself around the topic of Yoga and Resonance. The understanding of the principle of resonance as well as its application could provide answers to the question of how and why yoga works and how all its facets and profoundness can be adapted in to the contemporary way of thinking, feeling and living.

Any advanced practitioner knows, from direct, personal experience, the fact that once knowledge is crystallized within through systematic practice, a natural and irresistible impetus to share it with others occurs, so all those who are ready may benefit from it.

The Congress organizing committee