Bhogananda Colombo

For almost 10 years, Bhogananda searches for God in everything she does in life. It was when she started to practice Yoga and Tantra Yoga that her life transformed immensely, and she realized that spirituality and the process of continuous transformation based in ancient traditions would be her path in this life.

Over the years she studied the Tibetan tantric tradition, Kalachakra system, Kashmir Shaivism and the Mahasiddha Yoga tradition. Her spiritual aspiration and aspiration to merge with God amplified while she developed her yoga practice, having significant results and giving the impulse to go deeper in her knowledge in several areas of spirituality.

Nowadays she teaches yoga, coordinates women’s groups and gives retreats and workshops in several countries, aiming to spread spiritual knowledge and to share her experiences with those who wish to open their souls towards God and give a step in their spiritual awakening.

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